The In-Home 3-month package entails me coming to your home and kitchen over a few months.  This is where so much change can occur with letting go of hangups and finding simplistic solutions within your kitchen. I intend to facilitate a process of discovery for you where insights are seen, and your strengths and values are identified and enhanced. This work can really perpetuate growth and change in your life. This package is great for someone who is busy and wanting to work on a few top priorities in their kitchen and health. 


During the process, I would meet you every 2 weeks virtually or in person for 75 minutes so you have time to integrate what you’re learning.  This gives you enough time to integrate your new awareness and tools into your daily life. If you are searching for more of a long-term package, check out the In-Home Kitchen Therapy - 6 Month Package.



  • Kitchen Therapy Online Membership while you work with me 
  • Detoxify Your Body 12-Day Program Online Program 
  • Recipe Books 
  • Living Light Journal and Go-To-Meals Notebook with pantry and whole foods list, planning and a list of recipes that will work for your family
  • Handouts, Resources, Protocols for specific issues, food samples, and recipes and other materials to support your individual programs
  • Nutrition and Lifestyle Modules that will go in your Living Light journal



Let's connect! Please reach out to me for a free virtual discovery session with questions and to learn more. It is a great way for us to connect and discover the best path for you!




Bonuses that come with this program:

Kitchen Therapy Membership

12 Day Detox

In-Home Kitchen Therapy - 3 Month Package In Your Kitchen

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