What is health?

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What Is Health?

The word HEALTH comes up a lot with New Years’ resolutions, advertisements, or flu season. Health can be a tough subject. Our culture defines health in too many ways to count

Television, social media, exercise classes, the grocery store, advertisements are all around us telling us what health should look like. How do we cut through the clutter and define health individually? 

There are things we know that are unhealthy like being inactive, having chronic stress, eating junk food, and lack of sleep. First we must decide, how do we become healthy physically, mentally and spiritually? We can probably all agree that most of us want to feel good and have joy in our life. These questions are meant to ignite thoughts and conversation, to open our eyes to what we can do to make our health a priority.

Ways we might describe our physical health:

  1. My labs are all within range…

  2. I can exercise regularly…

  3. The scale says…

  4. My blood pressure is….

  5. I am not overweight….

So often we define health from the outside-in. We might define physical Health by going to the doctor and getting results from our annual exam. We often think of physical health when we get sick. Mental and Emotional Health is often described as being stressed out, depressed, sad, or anxious. We might describe good emotional health as feeling calm and happy. We describe not doing mentally well as being frozen or stuck with too much to do. 

What about spiritual health?

This could be defined as looking at our health from the inside-out. How do our experiences, both good and bad, relate to our health? I believe so many of our health problems are from how we handle negative experiences. They are spiritual issues. Looking at health on a deeper more spiritual level is identifying and understanding our triggers.

Triggers can be adverse or positive reactions to something we have and are experiencing. When we are triggered we need to feel them and not numb them out by compulsive eating, drinking too much or being overly busy. It is also about experiencing the feelings and moving on and not getting stuck in a loop in our head. It is not complicated, but simply just observing without analyzing or judging. Completely going through how we are feeling when we are triggered and learning to let go.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Our food, our joy, our busyness are SPIRITUAL issues. They ARE the doorways to health and healing.

  1. Being skinny does not mean we will have happiness.

  2. Staying busy does not mean we are accomplished.

  3. Beating cancer does not mean we will have self-love.

  4. Being diligent about eating clean does not mean we are healthy.

What is your definition of health? Start Experiencing – Start Feeling and Let Go…


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