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My name is Brandy Hickman, and I am a National Board-Certified Inspired Nutrition and Health Coach. I lead Kitchen Therapy sessions with authenticity and speak from the heart. I share my passions for mindfulness and spiritual connection in all aspects of life, from our food to our thoughts to our relationships. 

On a personal level, I transformed a life-altering experience into my businesses designed to improve overall health in our culture one step, and person at a time. When it comes to nutrition and disease, the information can be overwhelming with implementing much-needed changes in our lives. A lifetime of stories, stress, and destructive habits, coupled with the ability to make behavioral changes, leads to continued health concerns.

I enjoy gathering in the kitchen with others. Within the kitchen is where so much change can occur. I feel like sometimes our kitchen is a reflection of how our life is working for us.  How we experience life is reflected in how we show up in the kitchen. Trust me, there are days I don't want to show up - in life and in the kitchen. Instead of feeling guilty, be okay with those moments and learn from them. The best thing we can do for our health is to be the best observer of ourselves without judgment.

All in all, I help women discover if their plates are too full OR just filled with things that don’t nurture, bring joy, and inspire them. I challenge women to have a different mindset and think differently about doing less and having more in the kitchen.

Why "therapy?" 

Super Health Food

Create freedom in your kitchen in your life with this FREE download. 


From making over your pantry, to having quick go-to healthy snacks on hand, your kitchen has to function in the best way for the entire family. 

Meal Planning

Whether you love planning menu's weeks in advance or just throw things in the cart at the grocery store, let me help you piece meals together in a simple way to save you time & energy. 


I firmly believe our health starts in the kitchen. But, we don't all have the same skills and tools to make healthy and simple meals happen. Make cooking a priority and learn to fall in love with your kitchen while improving your health. 


Bringing peace and light into your home and specifically the kitchen will give you freedom. 


Radiating from all of us, our light shines best when it is supported and safe. Let's create a safe space for you to create and grow! 


"Brandy’s coaching has been very helpful for me—actually, it has been life changing!  She has opened my eyes to new ways of organizing myself in the kitchen so that I can be successful with my food plan.  Not only am I learning to have a better relationship with food, but I am changing other things about myself as we talk through past experiences and what might have led to particular behaviors.  I highly recommend her as your health coach and mentor!" 


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